Oil Changes Can Add Up If You Don't Use Coupons

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There’s a lot that goes into car maintenance and it can be very expensive. Common repairs really add up. Beyond that, many warranties for even new cars don’t cover the basic maintenance. It’s maintenance like oil changes that can be so important to keeping a vehicle in good shape. 

One way to bring the cost of maintenance down is by using coupons. Coupons for oil changes are surprisingly common, while many people don’t even realize it. This can apply to all kinds of locations including dealerships, chain locations and even individual repair shops. Oil change coupons are a perfect way to keep your car on the road with minimal fuss and minimal investment. However, while oil change coupons exist, where are they and who will accept them?

Finding Oil Change Coupons

The first way to find some oil change coupons is through some older traditional methods. Actually look through those flyers you get in the mail that typically get tossed immediately. There’s a reason companies are putting them out there for you. One benefit to using this method is that everything you find will obviously be designed for local use. You may even find some smaller companies that you’d like to support. 

If you don’t want to hunt through actual paper, then it’s time to go online. The internet is naturally the main source of coupons that people can find. The first place to check is actually going to be retail websites. Many of the chains and companies that provide oil changes have coupons right on their website to be gained. This can be something that needs to be printed off, but more commonly is simply a barcode that can be taken in and scanned off your phone. It could also simply be a code word or number that has to be given. Make sure that any coupon you get from this area is local. 

If you’re not partial to a specific brand or location, then you can join one of the many coupon communities out there. These deal communities function on message boards or reddit and bring together coupons and deals they find out and about the internet. The downside to this method is that you will likely find a large number of deals you have no interest in, but might find some you do. 

National Oil Change Chains

There’s a lot of different companies out there that specialize in giving oil changes. Many of them also offer different basic maintenance services for your vehicle. The majority of the names are obviously well known, but some continue to grow out. Some of the most popular and widest spread oil change chains include: 

  • Jiffy Lube - Jiffy Lube is a well known and extensive oil change chain across the nation. They have over 2000 different locations, so no matter where you are, there’s probably a Jiffy Lube reasonably nearby. 
  • Valvoline - Valvoline expanded from oil brand to complete oil change service chain and now has over 00 locations around the nation. Unsurprisingly, Valvoline oil change stations use their own brand of oil. 
  • Grease Monkey - This oil change location isn’t nearly as widespread as the others on this list, but it’s definitely one which is growing. They make it easy for people to invest in their business and that’s led to their increase in locations. Grease Monkey offers a great opportunity to use oil change coupons.